Service Discovery & Orchestration With Mesos and Consul

A Practical Solution That Implements Service Registration/Discovery Using Apache Mesos and Consul The topic of Docker and how to incorporate it into an actual real-world solution has been on my mind for a while now. I’ve read a lot of articles and blog posts related to service discovery and orchestration for Docker workflows. Service discovery […]

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Using FPM to Build Git rpms

Quick notes on building git rpms using FPM Install fpm gem Download git source ( Cd into git base make prefix=/usr/local/git all mkdir /tmp/installdir make prefix=/usr/local install DESTDIR=/tmp/installdir fpm -s dir -t rpm -n git -v 1.9.4 -C /tmp/installdir -p git-VERSION_ARCH.rpm usr/local publish to artifactory (yum-local)

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Testing Puppet Code – Slideshare

I gave a talk at the Denver Puppet User’s Group a few months ago on testing puppet code. Here is a link to the slides:

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Why You Should Consider Incorporating god.rb Into Your Devops Toolchain

God.rb is a process monitoring framework written in ruby. It is incredibly easy to configure and extend. If you need to write a custom condition, just write one in ruby. The configuration is super simple as well and, as you may have guessed, is written in ruby. Notifications are an important part of any monitoring framework, […]

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An Automated R10K Workflow That Works

Overview If you’ve been developing and using puppet modules for any amount of time, you have quickly realized what a pain it can be to manage all the puppet modules (custom and forge) that make up your environment. Add to that multiple puppet masters and you quickly start searching for ways to get changes deployed […]

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Running MCollective from Hubot

If you currently use mcollective to manage nodes in your Puppet infrastructure and you’ve incorporated hubot into your ops toolchain, you’re in luck. How about running some mco commands from hubot? If so, keep reading as I have written some coffeescript (source can be found here) to do just that. We use hubot in Hipchat to centralize […]

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Puppet and MCollective FTW (#Heartbleed)

Thanks to twitter I, like everyone else in the ops world, was made aware of the OpenSSL Heartbleed Bug. Normally, this would cause angst and pain thinking about all of the servers in your infrastructure that need to be patched. Lucky for us at Time Warner Cable, we have most of our infrastructure managed with Puppet […]

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